Portfolio Dossier

Biogen’s scientific & manufacturing expertise has enabled the production of several biosimilars of advanced biologics. This comprehensive resource guides you through the portfolio of Biogen’s biosimilars. It contains all the information you need to know in order to successfully implement the biosimilars in your clinical practice for maximum benefit.

Biogen Global Website

Biogen has long been a pioneer in the anti-TNF space, leading research into innovative medicines and efficiently bringing them to market to transform patient lives. Biogen is opening doors to treatment for patients: The introduction of our biosimilars has resulted in more than 40% more patients receiving biologic treatment.1 Visit our website to find out more about our commitment to patients and to sustainable healthcare systems as well as to keep up-to-date with our latest developments.

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Biosimilars Medical Academy

This exclusive HCP educational resource houses key information to further understand biosimilars and their clinical use.
Click here to access high quality educational content which can help bring you up to speed on any areas of interest you may have regarding biosimilars. A continually updated resource, clinicians are invited to refer to the Biosimilars Medical Academy regularly.

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